Mae'n bont rhwng Llydaw (Plouie) a Chymru (Merthyr Tudful)/ A bridge between Brittany (Plouye) and Wales (Merthyr).

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Degemer Mat, Bienvenu(e), Welcome, Croeso i Lydaw ag i 'Tavarn Ty Elise'. Ambiance positive acçeptée, ambiance negative rejetée.
An hent /Route de Collorec
Bro Gerne/Cornouaille
29690 Plouie/Plouye
Penn ar Bed/Finistere
Twinned with Carrog in North Wales
All times are negotiable between 6am. & 1am., but
generally is as follows:
Llun/Lun/Mon: 11:am/11h > 1am/1h.
Maw/Meu/Mar/Tue: 11h > 1h
Mer/Wed: 11h > 1h
Iau/Yaou/Jeu/Thu: 11h > 1h
Gwe/Ven/Fri: 11h > 1h
Sad/Sam/Sat: 11h > 1h
Sul/Sun/Dim: 11h > 11pm/23h
(33)(0)229250115 (pub) leave message.
Mobile: 0699724935

A little bar lost in the Breton countryside with a clay floor, wood burner, an eclectic music collection, Welsh, Irish, Breton, World, & pop/rock we don't have hip-hop/rap/techno, no juke-box or pool table. We do have real ale, organic artisanal beers and local farm cider, malt whiskies(Scotch, Irish, Breton & Welsh) and bourbons. Priority given to live music; Irish session the first sunday of every month, wifi, and an important football/rugby match now and again.
Coreff Ambrée: Pint = 5 euros, demi = 2 euros 50
Coreff Blonde Bio: Pint = 5 euros, demi = 2:50e
Coreff Blanche: Pint = 5 euros, demi = 2: 50e
Coreff Stout: Pint = 5 euros, demi = 2: 50e
Pint of cider = Pint = 4euros, demi= 2e
My photos of Brittany taken when I was out of work on sale for 5euros each.
T(ee)-shirts: 15e au bar; 20e p+p.
Bar games: draughts; chess; dominoes; cards; solitaire; backgammon. Extensive parking & large beer garden opposite. P.S. For the less discriminating of you I now sell burgers for 3:50e .

PLOUIE/PLOUYE, Breizh/Llydaw/Brittany/Bretagne:

(The original premise: "Mainly banter, slightly rambling reminiscences, a little bit political, slightly cultural and a touch of publicity for my bar in Brittany".)

Ambiance positive acceptée, ambiance negative rejetée.
(Positive ambience accepted, negative ambience rejected).
Le mot clé est 'convivialité' - 'Conviviality' is the key word.

Up in smoke

Regrettably my Pub 'Tavarn Ty Elise', a little bar in the Breton countryside between Uhelgoad (Huelgoat) & Karaez (Carhaix), (Bro Gerne) Finistere, Breizh/Llydaw/Brittany/Bretagne burned down in the early hours of friday February 19, 2010. Thirty years of my life up in smoke, but in spite of that the phoenix has risen again and the red dragon is back.

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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Bedroom appointment

Got a girl into my bedroom today, first time in a while, just the two of us, I lay there patiently as she slipped my underpants down over my ankles, we passed an intimate moment together and when it was all over she kindly arranged a date for me with a friend of hers for the same thing, same time tomorrow. These anal washes aren't much fun, not for me nor the nurse(s).

Friday, 24 February 2017


  1. Severe diabetes & gout to begin with (fruit & veg to stave off gout, fruit & veg bad for my diabetes) followed by cancer of the rectum, then a shadow was detected on the liver, this week I've been informed of a probable cancer of the prostate, plus I'm taking tablets for bad cholesterol. Insulin (fast & slow), and anti-coagulant injections; vitamins, cholesterol tablets, next monday a prostate biopsy, two weeks later the start of radio & chemo-therapies, so I'm not going to ...complain about a little oedema/dropsy. On the whole I don't feel ill at all, 2 & 4 days ago my blood-pressure lowered and I felt very tired, and I'm losing weight slightly. As I said I don't feel ill at all, it's only the doctors telling me I'm ill that I know, that and a certain looseness of my bowels causing me to have to wear 'protection' 24 hours a day. My blood sugar level is too high because for the last 7 weeks I've been more or less stationary, so now I'm making an effort to go for a fairly robust but limited walk between the nurses visits: I can't go far by myself or drive in case I collapse. I'm relying almost entirely on my daughter to look after my affairs; interviews, paperwork, mail, shopping etc., which can't be easy with a 3 children and a full time job. Mealtimes although regular are boring, take a gander at these forbidden foods: green vegetables raw & cooked, dried vegetables, fruit raw & cooked, compote, fruit juices, dry fruit, wholemeal bread, pastries & cakes, everything cooked in fat. No sugar. Avoid fibre. The good news is that my morale is very high and I'm enjoying myself finding things to put onto facebook, no time to be bored, a lot of reading and writing involved. The bad news is that not all my necessities from the chemist's are free, and neither is food. I haven't touched a penny/centime since Dec. 28 and that was just my evening's takings. I am facing a difficult time financially (I am already with my sickness) having lost all my money between the French Social Security claiming thousands, nearly bankrupting me and my three years out of work due to my pub burning down leaving me with nothing until the Phoenix gave me a temporary respite. As things are my morale is high but I can't promise that my morale won't take a downturn. Destiny calls, will I be back in my bar, the surgeon said to me after one operation that I have a 'sacré constitution,' also 'patience & courage.'

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Last Night in Carhaix

After an early breakfast one of the nurses told me to hold off eating and drinking  for a while because I was going to undergo a minor operation this afternoon which entailed inserting a little box in my chest that would emanate rays internally, the nurse brought in special clothing to be ready but before I could put them on the surgeon explained to me that in the meantime he'd been speaking to his colleague an oncologist who advised him that this procedure wasn't necessary. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with same oncologist in Morlaix after which I'll be out of hospital after almost 5 weeks and into the capable hands of my daughter, with a visit from a district nurse 3 times a day. They are now preparing the papers for my regular radio-therapy treatment in Brest; I don't know how often or for how long. As I've previously stated surgery will begin 10 weeks after treatment ends.

Monday, 30 January 2017


  1. Erratum: I will be undergoing radiotherapy until they tell me that the treatment's over, it will be 10 weeks after that that they will begin operating.

Que Sera Sera

Now we come to the serious stuff; the results of the MRI scanner came through. This morning I saw the surgeon in charge, he told me that he's going to meet his colleagues this evening to discuss my case, he explained that I have a malignant tumour in the rectum therefore I will have to undergo radiotherapy in Brest for about 10 weeks hopefully to diminish its size in order to make his job easier, in the meantime back to Carhaix and nearer to my daughter who works in the same building and who is managing my affairs whilst I'm a bit tied up. As for the pub, who knows? I'm a strong believer in destiny, or, as Doris Day once sang 'Que Sera Sera.'

Sunday, 29 January 2017


    To recap I woke up in intensive care in Carhaix, moved to the medical department, from there on to the surgical department. Tablets and injections all of the day and all of the night (anti-coagulant, blood sugar level, delayed and regular insulin with each meal accompanied by pills). I had so many tests including a camera up my bottom enabling the specialist to cut off a piece of a tumour they found in my colon for a biopsy to be sent to Brest where they have more advanced facilities, also a brain scan, a stomach scan, an artery scan. A taxi was hired to take me on an hour's journey to Brest where I underwent a major body scanner similar to that of an 'MRI' but it wasn't. Back to Carhaix until they hired a taxi to bring me to Morlaix, only half an hour's drive, this time it was for an MRI, very noisy and very long. I've been here 4 or 5 days mainly hanging about doing nothing, but plenty routinely being done to me, injections etc. I should be on the road back to Carhaix tomorrow, whilst there the surgeons will be meeting to discuss my case then probably I will be back here for surgery sometime in the week to come.

Jean-Claude Dreyfus, & Merzhin au bar Ty Elise

Post-cards sent to pub/bar

The discoloration on certain cards is from the cigarette smoke and open fire due to having been pinned to the ceiling for many years.


Bro Gozh ma Zadou

Meic Stevens - Rue St. Michel (leaning against my bar)

Glenn Devant le Pub/Bar Eté 2009

Those with an advanced musical aptitude who have trodden the clay floor

Jim O' Rourke; An Triskell; Glenmor; Youenn Gwernig; George Jouin; Liam Weldon; Jean-Yves le Roux; Alan Stivell: Dan ar Bras; Yann Tiersen; Davy Spillane; Meic Stevens; Paddy Keenan; Patrick Molard; Les Freres Morvan; Alan Simon; Tornaod; Lleuwen Steffan; Soig Siberil; Nolwenn Corbell; Steve Eaves (& Cerys Matthews, according to Steve's daughter Lleuwen Steffan); Gwennyn Mammen; Jackie Molard; Glenn le Merdy; Youenn Bihan; Twm Morris; Gilles le Bigot; Laurent Jouin; Eric Marchand; Pierre Crepillon; Les Freres Quere; Jean-Jacques Milteau; Rhys Harries(Trwynau Coch); Jean-Claude Dreyfuss (o.k. so he doesn't sing); Gweltaz ar Fur; Siân James; Derek Smith (Mabon); Gareth Westacott & Guy (Toreth); Plethyn; Yr Hwntws; Bernez Tangi; Gaby Kergoncuff; Louis (Lulu) Roujon; Louise Ebrell; Annie Ebrell; Jean-Claude Lalanne; Bernie Smyth; The Halby Brothers; Brian McNeill; Jamie McMenemy; Jean-Michel Veillon; Patrick LeFebvre; Fanch Landreau; Linda Thompson, from Fairport Convention; Mick Tems & Pat Smith; Peter Meazey, Susanne George and Stuart Brown (Mabsant); Dom Duff; Dedé Hellec; Michel Caous; Michel Clec'h; Ti Jaz; Anweledig; Kristen Nikolaz; Kern; Christian LeMaitre; Dezzie Wilkinson; Sean Corcoran; Jim Rowlands; Gazman; Maffia Mr Huws; Yvon Etienne; Iestyn ap Rhobert; Gafin Morgan; Côr Caron, Tregaron; Côr Seren Burma Star Choir, Abertawe/Swansea; Hastan; Fanch le Marrec; Katell Uguen; Katell Kloareg; Brigitte Kloareg; Fran May; Jamie Bevan; E.V.; Laurent Bigot; George Cadoudal; Re An Are; Mona Jaouen; Denez Abernot; Pat Kilbride; Aelodau'r Anweledig; Aelodau'r Mim Twm Llai; Aymeric; Matteo Cargnelutti; Jean Baron; Katelsong; Dik Banovich; not forgetting the Peruvian native American who made a point of calling in to play 'en route' to concerts in Paris, Berlin and London: Would those of you with better memories than myself please be kind enough to let me know who I've inadvertently left out.



Independence Cymru

Owain Glyndwr

Pan anwyd fi,

'Roedd gwyneb nef yn llawn o ffurfiau tanllyd,

A rhedai'r geifr o'r bryniau; a'r diadelloedd

Ddieithr frefent yn y meusydd dychrynadwy:

'R arwyddion hyn a'm hynodasant i,

A holl droellau'm bywyd a ddangosant

Fy mod uwchlaw cyffredin ddyn.

(Shakespeare: Henry IV)

Wales - W. Watkin Davies

Wales - W. Watkin Davies

Destiny of the Britons - Taliesin

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Wales United

"If they decide to unite," he said, "they would be completely invincible. This nation would be fortunate....if they could accept one prince, and he a good one." - Gerallt Cymro (Giraldus Cambrensis)
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The result was that the king, Henry II, with his mighty army, was forced to retreat, and in his anger he blinded his hostages and burned the churches.

Putting the Record Straight

At a time when the vast majority of the French abandoned their fate into the hands of Marshall Pétin, many Bretons chose, and that as early as 1940, to go to England to continue the fight. At the end of 1940 the Bretons made up 70% of the resistance while Brittany only comprises 7% of the French population. The resistance went on to attract more and more men and women, yet at the end of 1943, only six months before the Normandy landings, the Bretons still represented 40% of the Free French. This is not to forget the resistance in Brittany itself, a vast uprising of the whole people, which retained many German troops in the peninsula, for these, had they been allowed to reach the Normandy front, would have pushed the Allies back to sea. It is also thanks to the Bretons that France, whose authorities had massively collaborated with Nazi Germany from 1940 to 1944, could recover her honour. The brutal repression which was triggered after D-Day against all forms of Bretonness, seems all the more disgraceful. Bernard Le Nail

Bethesda Chapel, Georgetown, Merthyr Tydfil

Bethesda Chapel, Georgetown, Merthyr Tydfil
Joseph Parry worshipped in this chapel as a young boy before going "off to Philadelphia in the morning". One day I received a note from Margaret Roberts, Emrys's wife asking me to volunteer to help to clean it out, which I was happy to do. Later on John Jenkins had an office there and I used to go down to see him for a chat at lunch time."



Richard Trevithithick Commemorative Plate

Richard Trevithithick Commemorative Plate
2004 Bi- Centenary Limited Edition No. 110 out of 200, a gift to me from Llinos Davis representing the school

The first steam locomotive to run on rails in the world, Feb. 1804

The first steam locomotive to run on rails in the world, Feb. 1804
Designed by the children of Ysgol Santes Tudful, Merthyr Ty(u)dfi(u)l

Football Results, Surprise, Even The Welsh Championship

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Born Merthyr Tydfil, Cymru/Wales/Galles
Georgetown Infants,Queen's Rd.Infants, Penydarren Juniors, Cyfarthfa Grammar, Merthyr Tydfil
Sold ice-cream in Billy Smart's Circus, Merthyr Tydfil
Records clerk, Ebbw Vale Steelworks
Turner, Moss Gears, Merthyr Tydfil
Insurance salesman, Prudential, Merthyr Tydfil
Handyman, Castle Hotel, Merthyr Tydfil
Asst. Costermonger around the streets of Rhymni, Merthyr & Cwm Cynon Valley
Industrial painter, Mid-Glam C.C.
Storeman;night watchman;refuse collector;street cleaner;toilet attendant;brickie's,plasterer's,fitter's,
roofer's mate;Town Hall caretaker;General handyman, Rhydycar Leisure Centre,all with Merthyr Borough Council
Shop Steward;Political Ward Branch Secretary;Constituency Membership Secretary;National Delegate;Area Organiser Welsh Language;County Council Candidate;Election Agent, Borough Council;member of Merthyr Tydfil and Ebbw Vale Rugby Clubs;member of Gellifaelog Bowls Club;life-long supporter of Merthyr Tydfil F.C., founder member of extra mural Welsh classes; signed Merthyr's 'Visitors' Book' after Charles and Di; moved to Brittany in 1979, landlord of 'Tavarn Ty Elise';
voted in newspaper, person who comes to mind when one thinks of Brittany; more than one guide book refers to my Pub as an 'institution'; largest open air music festival in France conceived in my Bar. Helped to establish first 'Real Ale' micro-brewery in Brittany. Alan Stivell is my niece's godfather and my daughter's godmother is a daughter one of the 'Soeurs Gouadec';Yann Tiersen played in the pub;Jean-Claude Dreyfuss drank and acted in the pub for a video-clip.
For my Wedding, the Merthyr Express sent over its Chief Reporter Melanie Doel and her photographer boyfriend Robert Haines. Best Man to George & Marilyn Quirk; Usher to Mike & Rhiannon Jones. Pall-bearer to Erwan Kervella. Grandfather to Goulwen, Glen & Awena.

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Born Aug 3 1951, Merthyr Tydfil, Cymru/Wales.Moved to Brittany Sept. 1979.I run a rustic Bar in a village of fewer than 800h.Real ale& best whisk(e)ys.At the moment I'm occupied with photos, flowers and music. For more information look up my site & blog: http://crwtynrhifnaw.blogspot.com my story: http://taffawrnantmorlais.blogspot.com my photos:http://picasaweb.google.com/BynWalters    my photos: http://patrimoinebreton/blogspot.com    a.n.other: http://mymiscellaneous-bynbrynman.blogspot.com